Stainless Steel vs Glass Electric Kettle: What Material is Best for an Electric Kettle

A pot used for boiling water is known as a kettle. It is used to store the boiled water as well. Generally, the kettles are made using copper and they are put over a rack using a hook and placed above the fire to make it hot. This was a practice followed back in the past. But these days, the metal kettles are placed over the burner of the stove to heat the water. The kettle can be made using different materials like clay or ceramic. With the invention of electricity, electric kettles became a huge favorite among buyers. One could plug these electric kettles onto the wall socket and then make use of electricity to heat the water inside the kettle.

 What are the best features of an electric kettle?

It is very hard to describe all of the features but some of the top features have to be put forth for the audience.

  • Portable in nature

The electric kettle design is in such a manner that it could be moved from one place to another very easily. You don’t have to look for a fire source if you are using an electric kettle as a plug point with a proper electricity supply that is more than enough. Some of the kettles in today’s times are also designed to work from the power source of USB charging cable in an automobile-like car as well.

  • Easy to use

The ones who are not used to handling hot water and have gotten used to the various chores in the kitchen find it quite difficult to handle the other types of kettles like stainless steel or traditional ones. However, in the case of an electric kettle, even amateurs can handle it with much ease.

  • Much safe to use

The electric kettle has insulating material provided to safeguard the person from the possible shock effects that could be produced out of electricity.

  • Precise temperature

One could also set the level of temperature in an electric kettle. This is not possible in the case of normal kettles. This saves a lot of time and money.

  • Multi-purpose 

The electric kettles available in today’s market are used for multiple purposes. One could find an excellent range of models available in the case of electric kettles. Apart from just boiling water, one could also use the kettle to boil milk.

  • Turn off automatically

One cannot expect the kettle used on the stovetop to turn off automatically unless or until you go in person to turn off the burner of the stove. But in the case of an electric kettle, once the set temperature is attained, the electrical kettle turns off automatically.

What are the advantages of using an electric kettle? 

The advantages are manifold. However, some of the best advantages of using it are listed below.

  • Makes life easy

Boiling water, eggs, and tea seem like a cakewalk with the help of this kettle.

  • Quick and operation 

 When compared to the other types of kettle, the process of heating is much quicker in the case of an electric kettle.

  • Advanced features

One could not find the advanced features like temperature control in the other standard models.

  • Saves Energy

 As the temperature cut-off facility is provided, one could save a lot of energy by making use of an electric kettle.

  • Best travel companion

For those who travel a lot, it is always best to have an electric kettle with you for heating liquids on the go.

What are the disadvantages of an electric kettle?

 There are certain disadvantages to electric kettle but these can be neglected when comparing to the other pros.

  • Quite expensive

Due to the features incorporated in an electric kettle, the price of the kettle is quite high when compared to the other traditional ones.

  • Glass might break

Certain kinds of glass don’t break easily. But there are other types as well that break easily.

What are the features of a stainless-steel kettle?

The best feature of the stainless-steel kettles is that it uses only material like stainless steel for the design. There are a lot of types available in the stainless-steel kettle category and one could find them easily in the market. The electric kettles are put for sale in the market in various sizes and styles. They are very much durable and not very expensive.

What are the pros of using stainless steel kettles?

 There are a lot of advantages to using stainless steel kettle. Some of the top ones are listed below

  • Highly Durable

 As metallic construction is used in the making of the kettle, these stainless-steel ones are highly durable. The ones who are used to handling appliances very carelessly can go for this type of kettle without any second thought.

  • Double-walled construction

If the temperature of the water is too high, inside the kettle, it would not affect the person who is holding the kettle as double-walled construction is used in the making of the kettle.

What are the cons of using stainless steel kettles? 

There are a lot of disadvantages to using a stainless-steel kettle.

  • Very heavy

It is very heavy that you cannot easily move it from one place to another. This is not suited for those who travel often.

  • Very hard to clean

 It is not very easy to clean the nook and corner of the stainless-steel kettle. The scale filter is not used in all types of kettles.

  • Prone to rust 

After long usage, these kettles are prone to problems like rusting at a later stage. These are some of the facts you need to be aware of when it comes to stainless steel kettles.

We need to compare one of the most sought-after comparisons like a glass electric kettle and a stainless-steel kettle. One could not place one above the other as each has its own set of pros and cons. One needs to understand the various features, pros, and cons of each type to choose between them both.

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