What is An Electric Kettle? How Does Electric Kettle Work?

The electric kettle has gained popularity in recent times and it is used in almost all households. An electric kettle is one of the most used utensils in a kitchen all around the world. Kettles are specifically designed to heat the liquid inside of the kettle at a faster speed. Electric kettles work faster than gas stoves in terms of heating the liquids. There is nothing more comfortable than switching on the kettle and having a cup of tea or coffee after a tiring day. Let us quickly dive into the topic to know more about electric kettles.

History of electric kettle

The electric kettle was introduced in the year 1893. Even though it was introduced in the year 1893 ate was not available for use for commercial purposes. People started using electric kettles long after it was introduced. Before the advent of electric kettles, steam kettles were popularly used among the people. Steam kettles were placed on the gas stove for the water to get boiled. The pressure that was built in the steam kettle would push the late which emitted a whistling sound. The whistling sound alerted the people that water was boiled. These traditional methods change the moment the electric kettle came into the market in the year 1922.

What is an electric kettle?

An electric kettle is an electronic appliance as the name suggests, it helps to heat the liquid inside of the kettle without keeping it on a gas stove directly above a heat. An electric kettle has a heating element inside which helps liquid inside the cattle get heated in comparatively less time compared to that of a gas stove.

An electric kettle is one of the best and useful household electronic appliances which is available in the market. The electric kettle has become popular in the present century as people having a busy lifestyle can prepare tea or coffee with the help of an electric kettle quickly.

People can also make breakfast like oatmeal-boiled eggs with the help of an electric kettle. There are plenty of electric kettle models available in the market. People can choose your favourite brands nearby electronic appliance store or purchase it online.

When an electric kettle is plugged into the outlet, current passes through the electric cord. This in turn heats the heating element which is inside the electric kettle. This is the main reason for the electric kettle to heat the liquid faster compared to a gas stove.

The electric kettle is heated up fast because of the resistance of the heating element. The resistance in the electric kettle converts into electrical energy then into heat and further, the liquid inside of the kettle gets heated faster and quicker.

How does an electric kettle work?

The electric kettle has become popular and is widely used in most households these days. People who have a busy lifestyle can make use of electric kettles to prepare instant tea, coffee, noodles, oatmeals, and much more. Electric kettles did not have any complicated functioning initially when it was available in the market but later it was well built with the heating element inside of it. The customer will have to manually switch off the kettle once the liquid inside the kettle is heated. With the advent of modern electric kettles, the user needs to worry about manually switching off the kettle as there is an automatic sensor that automatically cuts the power once the water is boiled.

The working of an electric kettle is very simple which can be easily explained in two parts

  • The heating element in an electric kettle
  • The thermostat in an electric kettle

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  • Heating element:

The heating element which is available in the electric kitten plays a vital role in heating the liquid inside of the electric kettle. An electric kettle is worthless without the heating element because the heating element acts like a resistor that is designed to resist the flow of electricity. Electricity, in turn, heats the inside of the kettle. The flow of electricity plays a major role in heating which is controlled by the heating element. In short, the heating element converts the electricity into heat which boils the liquid inside of the kettle.

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  • Thermostat:

Thermostat is a part that is incorporated in the modern electric kettles. The thermostat is an aspect of the electric kettle which is connected to the heating element. The thermostat plays a major role in controlling the capacity of heat in the element is also responsible to switch off the power once the required temperature is achieved. This helps to user not to worry about manually switching off the kettle once the water inside of the kettle is boiled. The thermostat feature is available in the modern electric kettle that has gained more popularity in the market.

Working of an electric kettle

As we all know, the heating element is connected to the thermostat and the thermostat has the resistor variable inside of it which controls the heating element in the electric kettle accordingly. The working of an electric kettle is very simple.

  • All you have to do is set a temperature high and then thermostat resistance would be less and the heating element converts more in the form of heat.
  • On the other hand, if you set the temperature at low then the variable resistor will resist the high heat in the kettle which makes the heating element produce less heat.

To put it in a nutshell, the usage of an electric kettle has various advantages it is also very easy to use. An electric kettle is not only used to boil water but also to prepare oatmeal, instant noodles, coffee, tea and can also be used for warming bottles. Electric kettles are an awesome electronic appliance that can be used by everyone as they can be used for several purposes. The liquid inside the electric kettle gets heated faster when compared to heating the liquid on a gas stove. It is recommended to purchase an electric kettle that has a thermostat in it.

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